• Purchasing Power

    Due to the size and vast purchasing power of the FirstService Residential property portfolio, we are able to offer unique, enhanced coverage and options at the most competitive rates. Historically, our properties have a better than average claims history.

  • Insurance Expertise

    Clients have the option of consulting with an attorney, who is also an independent insurance risk manager, at no cost. This provides our boards with access to a higher level of knowledge than is generally available from a broker. Our risk manager is qualified to answer questions on insurance placement, claims or any other matters.

  • Superior Claims Handling

    Claims have the greatest potential to affect the cost of protecting your property. With our client’s needs in mind, FS Insurance Brokers ensures that claims are handled quickly, fairly and responsibly. Our years of experience and knowledge of the insurance industry allow us to efficiently guide you through the claims process. Utilizing professional adjusters, as well as a network of outside claims professionals, FS Insurance Brokers provides prompt, fair and hassle-free claims settlements.

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost Options

    The standard property insurance policy includes an amount the insurance carrier considers the approximate cost to rebuild the building if it were totally destroyed by a covered peril (e.g., a fire). This is the building limit. However, if the building limit turns out to be less than the actual cost to rebuild the building, there is no coverage for the excess cost. The guaranteed replacement cost option means that in the event of a total loss (or one near to it) the insurance will cover the cost to rebuild the building no matter what that cost turns out to be.

  • Risk Management Programs

    FirstService Residential’s property managers receive risk management training. Insurers believe that if property managers understand risk management, they are more aware of issues as they deal with day-to-day building management, which results in a reduction in claims.

  • Premium Financing

    Premium financing provides clients with the ability to borrow the funds needed to pay for an insurance policy. Finance charges apply.

  • Extensive Database

    Through our extensive database of clients’ claims, we are able to discern that our properties have fewer and less costly claims than comparable buildings, which results in reduced rates for our clients.

  • Excess liability/umbrella (limits up to $200 million)

    For a single premium, umbrella liability or excess liability policies add another layer of protection to any of several other policies that you might hold, including general liability. For instance, if you have $1 million in general liability coverage and a covered claim is settled for $1.5 million, your umbrella liability insurance policy would pick up the additional amount. Excess liability insurance is generally the most affordable way to get higher policy limits on several other insurance policies.

  • Green Coverage

    • Fireman’s Fund (A.M. Best Rated A XV)
      Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company offers  “Green Upgrade Coverage” that provides additional limits  for increased cost of loss and related expenses attributable to “green upgrades” that the insured may desire to implement after a loss to replace damaged areas of the building with a more environmentally sensitive product (for example, to rebuild a damaged roof with a green roof).The coverage can include related expenses such as: (1) waste reduction and recycling costs, (2) design and engineering professional fees, (3) certification fees and related equipment; and (4) building air-out and related air testing.Such upgrades are subject to predetermined limits and policy terms and conditions.
    • Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company (A.M. Best Rated A++ X)  
      Hartford Steam Boiler currently provides coverage for a majority of properties and is responsible for performing jurisdictional inspections. The company has broadened its policy to include a “green equipment breakdown enhancement” which includes:

      • Environmental, Safety and Efficiency – increases coverage from 125% to 150% for upgrades to equipment the carrier agrees are more energy efficient, safer or more environmentally friendly.
      • Payment up to $25,000, in addition to any applicable coverage noted above.
  • Annual Reviews

    Clients receive an annual summary of issues that impact their insurance, as well as a year-over-year comparison of claims.